GDIT Emerge


Track 3

Strategic Partner Spotlight – Splunk

Congressional Ballroom A

Daily IT security operations processes have not changed significantly over the past decade, but that all stands to change now that a new technology has arrived—enabling security teams to work smarter, respond faster, and improve their defenses. With Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) technology, mundane processes can be handled by computers, allowing the SOC team to focus on identifying and responding to the real threats and attacks. Robert Walker, Staff Security Architect, Splunk, will share on traditional SOC processes and what becomes possible with a SOAR platform like Splunk Phantom. Whether it’s a two-person security operation or a full complement SOC, learn to identify the processes that computers can handle on your behalf, and how to go beyond simple use cases, leveraging all the available security tools in your arsenal.


Staff Security Architect